Family Traditions

Girls Trip!!

About 10 years ago, my husband Jeff and I decided it would be fun for myself and our three daughters and my Mother to go on a Girl’s trip once a year! This has turned out to be a most anticipated event. Jeff and I have been able to do quite a bit a traveling, and wanted the  girls to have a chance to experience some of the wonderful things we had been able to see and do. We could remember when our family was little it seems like the Mom’s never got a break, and that this would give the girls a few days just to worry about what they’re doing.  I have to confess I had a more selfish reason for why I thought the girls trip would be a good thing, I wanted the time to hang out with and bond with these amazing women that my three daughters and Mother have become. Aside from our Mother, daughter relationships.  These women are truly my most cherished friends and confidants.  Marjorie Pay Hinckley said, “Being a Mother at any age is a blessing, but as we age and our children become interesting and productive adults we really begin to savor the joys of the harvest, the fruit of our labors.  How could we have known when they were young and the demands so constant that we would ever have the luxury of simply enjoying their loving companionship.”  I have always admired Sister Hinckley for her wisdom and spunk.

We have gone to places like New York shopping, where the cab driver kicked us all out of the cab because he was only allowed to have 4 passengers and we are 5 and took off with my Mother still in the cab, luckily he returned with her and apologized. I think we were still just standing there with our mouths wide open.

We were shopping for designer bags at a bargain price if you know what I mean, the store clerk got a call on the walkie talkie, and locked the door to the  basement room that my Mother and Angie were looking at purses in, and low and behold the cops showed up looking to see if they were selling counterfeit purses. Amy my middle daughter had tried to tell the two of them not to go down there, she just knew something like this was going to happen. We did make it home with some really nice looking purses or should we say “knock offs”.

Our trip to Boston, included Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Hyannis where the Kennedy compound is and Salem where they had all the witch hunts. We absolutely love the ocean, we would take the Ferry over to the other islands and shop and have lunch for the day. I love all the history that is in Boston, we took one of their really good guided tours, and visited the  North Church and bought the book The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  We took a road trip to Rhode Island and toured mansions like the Vanderbilts, and Rockerfellers.  Shanny was pregnant with Cruz and so sick, I felt so bad she missed out on the day we toured the mansions.

We have a time share in Myrtle Beach. One year we spent our trip there, It just happens to be the week that they have the plantation tour. Every year the women of Prince George Winyah Parish Georgetown, South Carolina. These lovely women do this for a fund raiser every year. These Southern women really know how to put on an event!  You meet at the church were they have made a sack lunch for anyone who would like one, and have local artists, and authors there were you can buy their wares.  They pass out maps with the destinations and off you go.  When you have finished touring the plantations, they have an afternoon tea, where they serve you drinks and dessert.  It is truly one of my favorite things to do, I try to make it as many times as I can!!  They also have put together a Plantation Tours and Tastes Cookbook.  Which is really good,they have  different recipes from the different regions that have been handed down.

This year we took a road trip to St. George, Utah. Jeff and I have bought a home down there and the girls and I wanted to spend some time shopping for  and decorating. I had forgotten how much is needed to stock a home completely from scratch.  When Jeff and I looked at the home they were just starting to put in the kitchen cabinets.  The builder said that we could change the kitchen at that point, and now I finally have my dream kitchen.  On my favorite things I have listed the things that I added to make my kitchen space more workable.  Our trip did not turn out as planned.  My Mother got deathly ill with the stomach flu, we had to come home early, but the Girls and I, minus Mom, got to see our show Menopause in Las Vegas, and it was hysterical!

I hope this is something we will be able to do for many years to come!!